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Thank you to all of our employees for their outstanding work and effort! Keep working hard!

Moore Engineering Honored by U.S. Senator Chris Murphy


U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) announced that Moore Engineering will be recognized as “Murphy’s Monday Manufacturer”. Based out of Milford, Moore Engineering is a family-run manufacturing business that provides engineering solutions and a vast range of services to their clients....READ about MOORE

Memorial to our grandfather, Wayne R. Moore


Deeply saddened about the death of my grandfather, Wayne Moore, I write this news feed with a heavy heart. He was always supportive of my endeavors and I will greatly miss him. He was a strong presence in my childhood. I was fortunate to live right next door to him. We built stone walls together, we felled huge trees, we planted gardens and made compost piles. He showed me the values that he held dear by living them every day. Loyalty, duty, humility, determination, and discipline: he embodied them thoughtfully. I loved him and I was always proud of him. He will be greatly missed.


My grandfather died at 83. Up to his last days and despite his enduring a long illness, he persevered in disciplining himself by adopting a vegan diet and maintaining a strict exercise routine. I found his determination at this point in his life more inspiring than the stories I heard of his winning an Olympic gold medal in swimming, in the 1953 Olympic Games held in Helsinski.


My grandfather was the CEO and president of Moore Special Tool Company, the company his father, Richard F. Moore started in 1924. This company was world renowned for its precision jig grinders and measuring machines that put the machine tool world to another decimal place.


During his active career at Moore Special Tool Company, my grandfather wrote the book, Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy. This book became a classic reference in the machine tool world.


His spirit lives on in all the work and the pride of our accomplishments at Moore Engineering. I feel blessed to continue a legacy of which he was an integral part.





-Rest in peace Pops. Your spirit lives in us all. - Wade

Hurco Machine Company put out the first-ever Chipmaker Challenge Championship to all manufacturing entrepreneurs in an effort to promote manufacturing efforts in the United States. Wade Moore, a 23-year old Connecticut native, won the first round of the contest. The prize is either a CNC Hurco Mill or Lathe which will be awar..........READ about MOORE

Support Wade at IMTS 2014!!


Visit to vote for Wade. Moore Engineering greatly appreciates Hurco for giving Wade the opportunity to go to IMTS 2014 on September 9th and talk live about his business plans!

Moore Engineering supports ALS!


Watch as Hayes takes on forty pounds of ice and over two hundred pounds of water


**Disclamer: no animals were harmed during this video, and Hayes was a safe distance away from bucket in case of machinery failure.

BRIDGEPORT- For 15-year-old Hayes Moore of Milford, Housatonic Community College’s new Advanced Manufacturing Program looks like the answer to a dream … and the way to carry on a family tradition.


In 1924, Moore’s great grandfather Richard founded the Bridgeport-based Moore Specialty Tool Company, which is still in business today. The love of machining was passed down to Hayes and his two brothers, Russell and Wade

Read about Moore..

Eyes Starting Manufacturing Business 9-22-12


4-14-2014 Specialist Russell Moore


Moore Enginering would like to express its greatest commendation to SPC Russell Moore. Russell recieved his speciasist rank in 18 months of serving. Normal time required is 24 months, Russell was promoted early for his outsanding service to our Country. Thank you Russell! - Moore Engineering-

Wade's Graduation


Wade graduated with a B.S. in mechanical engineering in December 2013 from UConn. He is currently taking classes towards his masters in Materials Science and Engineering. 


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